Michael S. Barnes,  D.D.S.

Our goal is to provide patients with superb dental services in a passionate caring environment with integrity above all else.  Building a family of life long relationships is a sign our goals are being achieved.

About The Office

Dr. Michael S. Barnes has the most amazing staff and facilities.  They are always able to schedule in patients quickly who are having dental problems, who are in pain, or may have a broken tooth. Their office is open Monday through Thursday from 8-6, and on Fridays with by appointment. Dr. Michael Barnes prides himself on making sure everyone that calls can be seen on the same day, and will be more than willing to consult with patients anytime on the phone if needed.

His office is spacious and well suited for emergencies that patients may have. Dr. Michael Barnes is often sought out for professional second opinions on current or proposed treatment.

Dr. Michael S. Barnes, D.D.S.

Dr. Michael Barnes has had the great privilege and opportunity to practice in arguably one of the most progressive communities of all, meaning his patients expect and receive the best dentistry there is to offer.

He has been fortunate enough to have practiced at the same world class location for his entire career.  He and his father were able to build out their suite from scratch, enabling them to customize exactly how the patient experience would be, and to optimize the latest technology available.  The facility is absolutely gorgeous, adorned with local artist watercolor and acrylic original paintings.

Dr. Barnes is also fortunate enough to have developed over the years a privileged relationship with the top specialist in the dental field. Whether it is an endodontist, a periodontist, an orthodontist, an oral surgeon, or an ENT doctor, he can diagnose a problem, and immediately get his patients seen by best in their specialty, sometimes within minutes. Connections like these are rare these days, and can only be developed over decades because of close and professional coordinated treatment planning with his referrals.

Dr. Michael Barnes office is located in the beautiful Newport Center Medical buildings, in the heart of many world class doctors, specialist, hotels, restaurants, and beaches. Many of his long time patients continue to travel long distances to receive treatment even after moving out of the state and country, a testament to his continued superior clinical skills honed over nearly three decades of cosmetic and reconstructive procedures.

Dr. Michael Scott Barnes has been a practicing dentist for nearly 30 years, all of which in the beautiful city of Newport Beach, California.  He received his Dental degree in 1989 from the Universality of The Pacific Arthur A. Dugoni School of Dentistry in San Francisco.

Upon completion of his degree, he dove right into his fathers extensive cosmetic and implant/restorative practice and hasn’t looked back since. Although Dr. David Barnes has been retired now for sometime, the invaluable experience and knowledge obtained from practicing along side the elder Dr. Barnes during those early years gave him a chance to shorten the learning curve 10 fold in practicing exceptional dentistry, mostly in the challenging field of  implant and cosmetic dentistry.

Over the past decades, Dr. Michael Barnes has had the opportunity to work along side   numerous outstanding clinicians and lecturers in all facets of dentistry.   He continues to educate himself in the latest technologies and advances in modern dentistry on a yearly basis.  Over his career, he has attended and participated in thousands of hours of the   highest degree of continuing education available throughout the United States.

Cosmetic dentistry has come a long way in the last three decades and Dr. Barnes has been at the forefront of these advances, primarily in the choices in porcelain and composite resins available today.  Knowing which material works best for a particular application is probably the most important decision a dentist can make as far as success or failure in cosmetic dentistry.

Implant dentistry has evolved greatly over the last 40 years.  The dental manufactures have almost made dental implants foolproof as far as product failures.  It has now become common place to have dental implants placed in our jaws. Dr. Barnes has gained the experience and knowledge of how to incorporate single or multiple implants in his patient’s dentition virtually trouble free.

When you have an experienced doctor that has seen and done so much in this particular field and can guide patients through many choices offered today, well that’s just a huge benefit for his patients.  Knowing how to proceed, and how to maximize success will undoubtedly save the patient time, money and possible disappointment.

Dr. Barnes prides himself on patient communication and he makes you understand your treatment options and the benefits of each option offered to you.   So now each and every patient can make an educated and informed decision about what treatment procedure is right for them.  For many of his patients, this is a life altering decision, and Dr. Barnes feels that these decisions should not be rushed or taken lightly.

Dr. Barnes is a member of American Dental Association, the California Dental Association, and The Orange County Dental Association.